Sunday, 19 July 2015

500 reasons to smile

School is over (for a little while), we’re finally on holiday and we’re experiencing mixed emotions: relief, joy, but also nostalgia and a sort of apathy. You know how it’s like: your body seems to shut systems down, you simply want to lie in bed and you’re dragging yourself here and there, for essential activities. I feel drained and, although an epic road trip is waiting to happen, I struggle to find the energy for anything. But this was inevitable - it was a hard term and year, it left some damages behind, although it also brought happiness, gratification, fulfilment; it was worth all the effort and now we have the chance to wind down and recover.

Anita is more relaxed and bubbly, she finished school on a high note, incredibly positive academic results, trips and fun activities in the last three days of school and she’s ready to have fun road-tripping. We did this fun photo-shoot to express that thrill and excitement young people know how to make the most of.

We had our little helper this week, the cutest four wheels on the road: Fiat 500 Vintage Edition. We do adore this little car and how could anyone not? Vintage and sweet, charmful to the brim, this little number simply makes you smile. Fiat 500 is what we girls are about: cute, petite, enchanting, a real head-turner and when you find the perfect background, people understand how adorable it can be. Wows and smiles all around, it wasn’t that difficult to take these pictures and even Anita felt at ease. With 500 reasons to be happy in our minds, we’re now a bit more ready for our holiday.

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