Saturday, 20 February 2016

Teenage with a difference

My little girl is not so little anymore and I just want to celebrate the wonderful person she is becoming, day after day. Although she turned a certain age recently, she didn't want me to post anything  linked to that special day. I didn't. I even postponed it a few more days, trying to enjoy a bit of holiday and a bit of precious time with my Mum. But I wish her  many, many amazing, fabulous years feeling happy, accomplished and serene. I want to declare here openly that I just adore her and that she has always been and will continue to be my little sunshine, illuminating my life.

She's having a great time these days going to gigs, listening to good music, wearing clothes she likes, being herself, feeling fantastic, even if a few harsh exams are ahead of her this year. Outrageously, Anita says she's feeling old and I look at her and I see youth and freshness transpiring through every look and move she has. We often go out together for walks or visiting places, doing things and I love her company. She's joyous and positive, she's confident and grounded, she's becoming a young adult, someone I can talk to about everything knowing I can trust her and count on her. She even teaches me things: how I should have a healthy skin routine and how unaware I am of the wonders of Instagram. Yes, I do learn a lot from her too nowadays and sometimes she thinks it's okay to have a role reversal. Nevertheless, I am still reluctant to accept being told off by my daughter. After many years of parenting, she still can't take that from me and tidying her room continues to be an impossible mission. This bit of criticism aside, to me, watching her do all the things she does makes me feel amazed by how all our experiences shaped her, enriched her and created a solid base she can build upon. In my heart though, she'll always be my sweet little girl, smiling contagiously and having moods that used to exasperate me, but now bring smiles on my face, looking back at everything and feeling nostalgic.

I took these photographs on a winter somewhat sunny day and I think this look encapsulates pretty much my profile of her. She loves classic items, combined with vintage elements, which necessarily must feel comfortable. She knows exactly what suits her and has a lovely style, very personal and original. She's never into trends and likes making subtle statements that her peers take inspiration from. I'd like to see that in more teenage girls who are very much copy paste Highstreet windows, forgetting to express themselves and be that little bit different.



  1. No wonder - with the role models she has had. :) Good luck, Anita, although I can feel you are a very hard-working girl. Stay gorgeous! :)