Saturday, 12 March 2016

Vintage charm

Vintage is always in fashion. It never loses its charm. If you don't love it yet, you will one day. If you love it now, you'll love it even more. It casts a sweet spell and it never misses its targets. I remember when I was little I use to go to my great-aunt's house and she had some 60s and 70s fashion catalogues in a cupboard that I could reach and I would spend hours and hours looking at those clothes, imagining myself wearing them. It was my favourite thing in the world. The odour of her house, her 60s furniture and those heavy catalogues on my lap - the best afternoons of my childhood.
Last week I promised I would return with a few pictures of the outfit I wore at the vintage fair. I am not sure of the decades of what I wore, I don't know if they fit in a certain era, but I see it a bit 50s. The hat and collar are a family pass down, the coat I purchased in another vintage event and is made out of a wonderful tapistry-like fabric with an adorable cross stitch pattern, the bag - also vintage - is a gift from my Mum, brown Italian leather boots and hugging long jumper and leggings. I felt different that day, in a way I love and embrace. I fitted in perfectly at the vintage fair and I feel I can always fit in, wearing truly different styles, here in the UK. People love such things and admire those that find the time and the inspiration to recreate a world that is no longer present, but only remembered incompletely and sometimes incongruously in museums.


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