Saturday, 6 August 2016


Oh, well... I'm on my long waited and fully deserved summer holiday and I left my laptop and phone on the side for a little while, enjoying things, taking a few photographs only, but recording a lot of photograms in my visual and emotional memory.
We started our holiday with a music festival, how else? And it was amazing... Too much to do almost, if that's even a thing! Too many stages, too many artists, too many activities, too many food stalls, but plenty for anyone to choose from and feel fortunate to be there on that sunny Sunday, with all those wonderful people. Fabulous atmosphere, Londonese vibes, festival characters everywhere and simply good people winding down and cheering up. I'm not going to waste words on this one, I'll let my unprofessional snap shots talk on this occasion ( I'm never quite sure whether big, professional cameras are allowed on festivals, so I chose not to risk it and left mine home. I took a small, pocket size camera I use at school, because it's so unintimidating and discrete). Oh, but I have to mention I saw Matt Corby! I went to Citadel for him, actually. I thought that if he can come all the way from Australia to London, I'd better make an effort and go and see him, listen to him, let myself charmed by his aura. And I did. Oh, yes WE DID! Anita is now seduced ... by his voice and music. ^_^ Who can blame her?

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