Saturday, 29 October 2016

Wednesday Addams? No, just Tuesday Autumn :)

    How much do we love Autumn? Its colours, its vibrancy, its nostalgic mood - all about it is exactly what we adore. We immerse ourselves in its melancholy, dive into its grey-sh, orange-y, auburn textured waves and feel miserable and happy, slapped and hugged, achy and ecstatic, a melange of sweet-bitter feelings that carve beautiful spirals in our souls, the ones we love to slide on and lose ourselves in. Autumn is painful and soggy and cold, but also resilient when the sun shines thorough the clouds and damp trees. And when you start layering jumpers and scarves, putting on feet-hugging boots and woolly gloves, you just know it's that time of the year - the time for cuddles, for hot teas, for salted caramel cappuccinos and cozy evenings indoors. The parks are all dressed up in splendor and the mist hangs on your shoulders, like an ethereal veil born out of one's hazy dreams.
We totally submerged into this autumnal atmosphere recently and let our hearts sob and rejoice at this marvelous sight and at times even the sun smiled at us, timidly. Shopping on Park Street, dinner out, Daughter's gig at Colston Hall - what else could two girls ask for from an October day in Bristol? We were lovingly wrapped in Stella Morgan (faux fur jacket), Top Shop (faux fur coat), United Colors of Benetton (jumper and shorts), M&S (black velvet trousers), House of Harlow 1960 leather boots. For a more vivid depiction, visit

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