Sunday, 20 November 2016

Wrapped in autumn

 Yesterday, we were hunting for signs for Anita's school project. Signs of anything - of decay, of old age, of love, of transition, of despair, of joy... What became obvious immediately was that everywhere we looked we were surrounded by signs of autumn. It was omnipresent: in the air, on the ground, on people's faces, in their gestures, all cuddling together, almost defending themselves from the whipping cold and often rain, shoulders shrugged, hands hidden under layers of wool. We were on our way to see Billy Elliott at the Hippodrome in Bristol and felt like wearing something formal, so I wrapped myself in autumn's colours and textures. I can't have enough of them, they make me feel a part of this beautiful and sad transition of nature, going from greens to browns, from living to decaying, from light to gloom, from joyous to distraught. It's that cycle of life that makes me feel nostalgic and sorrowful, but what powerful emotions they are! Just like those we felt exploding in us at the end of the show. We were floating and pulsing with sentiments we haven't experienced in a while, despite the aching rain and cold. Beautiful season, beautiful evening, all wrapped in autumn!
I was wearing Primark coat, tunic dress and cardigan and New Look leather boots.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Make things grow

Today I finally (almost) finished my garden shed and what a glorious autumn day it was! Perfect for my little inauguration. A final coat of paint, two touches here and there and my little shabby chic garden shed is ready to be featured in "George's amazing spaces" , as I like to think. Vintage green and white combined with mahogany, cute shelving trimmed with lace, garden tools strategically hidden in a corner, vintage mosaic mirror made with pieces of fine china, I luckily sourced from a charity shop, cold drinks tin bucket (to make an ad-hoc sink when needed), a little cabinet for glasses and mugs, waiting for me to enjoy a cold drink on a summer's day or a hot cup of tea on a December morning when I'll finish planting my bulbs for spring, kitchen ingredients for when I'll make a perfect salad with vegetables from my allotment - they're all there for me to enjoy gardening with a bit of style. Chic gardening, I call it. I still need to put more plants in my pots and plant more bulbs around the shed, but for now I think I'm waiting for winter with a smile. Today was a proper spring day and I'm sure it was all due to my cute shed, resplendent in the sun, sending its love out there to all gardening aficionados. I'll come back with pictures in spring, when all my plants and flowers will have been blossomed. Enjoy the pics!