Photography- Minimal views

Photography is a subtle way of immortalising a thought, a moment, an idea, it captures things beyond words in ways which are unique to this art and has an everlasting impact on the viewer: it's there, it can not be denied, it can not be ignored, it will speak to you, it will mark you. I love all genres of photography, although I dare adventure myself in just a few, because I am aware of my limitations. This doesn't stop me from experimenting, from learning, from admiring other people's work, not in the pursuit of achieving who knows what, but for the pure joy of it. I simply love taking photographs and cameras exerted a powerful fascination on me since they were a rare thing in my world. I will share a few shots here, starting with some I captured in the museums and other great places I saw this summer, simply because I am in a minimalist mood these days and I can not look at anything different. I need mental order and space.

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