Sunday, 27 December 2015

Aren't the festivities over?

Almost Christmas ready

Warm lights

The festive season is quickly unfolding in front of our eyes and, although the weather keeps tricking us into believing it's Easter, I still want to take this opportunity and send you my best wishes and a warm hug for you to start the new year equipped with positive vibes. Christmas is now gone, it was short and sweet this year - I wasn’t in the most Christmassy mood, because I simply empathised with Anita who announced at the beginning of December she was having none of that stuff this year. Well, I put a few Christmas decorations up (very few, to have an easy task undoing them, because from tomorrow I will have to start preparing for work), I made my "sarmale" (and ate some), I met some relatives, I opened a few pressies, I offered a few… I did my part. I even wore a new Christmas jumper, all fury and fluffy and gave up wearing a cute dress. I now feel ready to put everything in order and I would even pass on any party to celebrate the New Year. It’s been a weird mood we had at the end of this year. Blame it on work, blame it on stress – we simply want these festivities gone without big efforts or drama. Tomorrow jogging needs to happen ( I devoured some chocolates that clearly left a mark, I can feel it), my house needs to get some TLC and I have to start organising things for me to commence 2016 with the right foot. I owe Anita a trip to Bristol in the meantime and I'm actually looking forward to our day together this week. She is too. We always get along ... when there's any opportunity for her to do some shopping in the process. If Mum pays, the day is great. I hope you are having a good time too, doing the things you like, relaxing, spending time with your family or simply vegging out. We all need to restore our levels of energy and enthusiasm to be able to dive into the new year's challenges. I'd like to know what you're up to, so please leave some comments. Stay tuned, for there might be another post about our road trip coming soon, if I manage to dig successfully through my five thousand pictures or so to select the ones I need to illustrate our adventures in Austria. Stay serene and don't let the festivities get to you.

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