Sunday, 22 May 2016

Army style

The only thing I like about army is the army inspired fashion. I love the greens, the khakis, the golden decorations and the big, metal buttons, the pockets, all combined to create a look that somehow just feels good - fitted, body hugging, rigid, but comfortable at the same time, with an ethnic/modern touch.
I remember wearing a safari/army cute combo when I was a little girl, with a pleated khaki skirt and a multi pocketed jacket, tightly tied with a buckled belt around my waist, that I adored and wore for many years as my favourite outfit. And who doesn't like army-like boots? They just give you a certain walking pace, a particular way of moving and feeling your legs, which suddenly seem slimmer and fitter. 
For this outfit I chose to wear buckled sandals from Clarks, a River Island army jacket, Italian trousers from an independent designer, accessorized with chunky, plastic bracelets and  gypsy style jewelry.  The most beautiful accessory though is this spring that finally shows its warm light and its lovely, precious greens to match my outfit and my smile. 

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